Try as we might, our emotions cannot be avoided and neither can their impact. Even if we stuff down and ignore emotions our body will find something to do with them, and sooner or later we will feel the effects.

It’s easy to think that running away from unpleasant emotions will ease suffering, when in fact, our suffering will not go away with the denial and suppression of feelings.

Suppressing emotions is an act of resistance. The range of our emotional experience moves with the flow of our life. Feelings come and go– when we get into trouble is when we try to stop that flow. A habit of not letting feelings come up, or a habit of not letting feelings go will lead to dis-ease on some level, mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Our emotions are our guides, showing us what in our life needs to be healed, and what brings us joy. Instead of fearfully turning our back on unpleasant emotions we can shift the paradigm by gently starting to lean in to them.

Emotions are always our teachers, the magic is making them our friends.

How many people do you know who have dysfunction in one more more areas of their life because they are stuck repeating the same patterns? Part of being human is the fact that when we fail to honestly face our emotions we continue to repeat the same old patterns.

There is a very good reason so many people fall prey to this. For too many, feeling emotions was discouraged during childhood, forget being encouraged. And even for those whose parents didn’t discourage feeling emotions, life gives us plenty of reasons to turn away from negative emotions anyhow.

Like most healing, finding peace with our emotional reality does not happen overnight. If we’ve been avoiding our emotions for most of our lives, it will naturally take some time to start feeling them.

If you want to break through the blocks that have been limiting you, and the patterns that have not been serving you– If you want to be free of the fear and reactivity that emotions bring– All you have to do to start is gently lean in to the feelings. Lean in to what is uncomfortable, do it to whatever degree feels right for you.


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