Getting sick is part of being healthy, just as darkness is necessary to the light. The ability to get sick shows that you have strong vitality; your body can mount a healthy response to unwanted invaders. That’s a good thing!

In our society today we place great value on hard work, productivity and perseverance. This rigid belief system around success prevents us from the natural cycle and ebb and flow of life, which includes sickness, rest and downtime.

So often we fall ill when we are feeling run down. We get to the state of being run down when there is not enough balance in our lives to allow us to recharge and replenish. In part, getting sick is our body’s way of telling us to stop what we are doing and rest.

Autumn is a time for letting go, the trees show us how beautiful that can be. Stay in balance with Mother Nature and harness and power of the seasons my embracing this energy of letting go. Rigidity and hanging on will in many cases lead to disease.

This is a powerful message and should be listened to. Too often we pop some over-the-counter cold medicine and push through our tasks for the day. In some cases doing this just prolongs not feeling well, in other cases it can result in an additional complication, symptom or illness down the line.

In addition to telling us to stop, getting sick is also a mechanism our body has for making an adjustment, moving something harmful from the inside to the outside of our body.

When we suppress this important mechanism we’re preventing our body from doing what it needs do to be healthy. It’s important to learn to trust the wisdom of our bodies.

So, when you feel that twinge in your throat or that pressure in your head and you know you have a cold coming on, here are my tips to move through it with health and ease:

  • Let go of expectations for yourself and do not resist that you do not feel well. What you resist persists. Be kind and gentle with yourself, release judgement that you need to take a break from your commitments.
  • Visit your local health food store and ask them what they would suggest for natural immune support. Things to consider are elderberry syrup, herbal tinctures such as echinacea, vitamin c, vitamin a (not during pregnancy) and homeopathic remedies.
  • Make yourself a nest and swaddle yourself in it. For deep rest you need to feel truly comfortable and at ease. Gather everything you need and surround yourself in it, so you can stay put in your nest while you recuperate.
  • Drink water, when you are done, drink more water. Your body is working hard to return you to health, water is integral to this process, you must hydrate.
  • Go basic with your diet. Limit or cut sugar, processed foods , caffeine and dairy. Don’t eat a lot of raw veggies and foods that are difficult to digest. Your body needs its energy to heal, don’t use it on digestion.
  • SLEEP. Your body does it’s most important work while you rest. There is a reason we are so tired when we are sick. Listen to this wisdom and sleep as much as you can while you are healing. This quiet hibernation is just what your body needs.

If you are chronically ill it may indicate a weakened immune system and a more chronic, deep rooted problem. If this is the case you should schedule an appointment with me for constitutional homeopathic care to address this underlying susceptibility. 

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