Welcome– thanks for visiting my website. I do work that is dynamic and varied. I am a creative problem solver, connecter of people, analyst, big-picture-person and detailed organizer. The philosophy that guides my work is that all things have a movement and a flow– my highest ideal is to allow synergistic, organic action to unfold. I recognize that I am not more important than the process.

My experience has been community centered and relationship driven. I have done work for thriving local businesses, individuals, non-profits and corporations. I received my bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Maine, and also trained in Classical Homeopathy at Baylight Center for Homeopathy in Portland, Maine.

I am a native Mainer, I have a background in theater and alternative education, I love to romp with my Toto dog Ruby, and to enjoy the beauty of Maine, especially the sea.