It’s my passion to help you find flow in any area of your life!

Freedom is the goal. Suffering is not.

Every area of our life has a path of least resistance. We all have the choice between moving through our experiences with a fear-based mindset– forcing, pushing, striving and suffering… or a mindset of flow in which we allow events to unfold without attachment or quick judgement, we stay rooted in positivity and trust that things are ultimately working out in our best interest.

As a creative and practical problem solver, I use my experience, training and intuition to help you replace resistance with flow, difficulty with ease and suffering with joy.

As a trained homeopath, personal life-long learner and process-orientated business person I bring a well-rounded, holistic and practical approach to my work with clients.

My areas of special interest are:

  • Homeopathy for personal growth and transformation
  • Applying a homeopathic perspective across all areas of your life
  • Coaching on The Law of Attraction and the power of trust and surrender
  • Creating and using systems to bring freedom to any area of your life
  • Energetically tuned home buying including numerology to determine your perfect offer amount
  • Problem solving in any area using energetic principles

The willingness to even just *consider* shifting your perspective is the first chink in the resistance armor. If you’ve been white-knuckling it in some area of your life I promise you you’re making it harder for yourself and there is another way. Let me help! Contact me today so we can have a quick 15 minute chat about where you’re looking for flow and see what we can shift together!